• Authentic
  • Affordable
  • Tradable

Problems with legacy ticketing

Until now, event access has been controlled by physical or electronic tickets issued by costly middlemen. Legacy solutions require proprietary infrastructure. They burden the consumer experience with excess cost, lock-in, and inconvenience. Access is dependent on paper or electronics that are easily forged. Those forgeries can only be detected at additional costs, making transfer of ownership even more cumbersome and risky. As a result, “ownership” of access rights is either mediated by central authorities, prohibited, or saturated with fraud risk.

Solution: Tokenized ticketing means authentic ownership

With ATP, businesses can easily and affordably create layered ticketing systems that can be reused. “Child tokens” mean that you don’t need to pay extra to create Seat 5A Mezzanine everytime, you just mint a new batch for each venue. Initial setup costs are minimal, and ongoing costs are practically eliminated. With no intermediaries, businesses retain control of the ticketing process. Since each token is secured on the blockchain, an always-on global network eliminates fraud. Ticket purchasers are in control of their access. And since each token is unique, the validity can be verified readily by holder and redeemer or by seller and buyer.

The ATP Factor

  • ATP tokenized tickets are secured by the ION network 24/7.
  • Tokenized tickets give holders genuine ownership of access rights. True ownership also means autonomy over value transfer without risk of fraud, making secondary ticket markets safe and functional.
  • Creation of Parent/Child tokens allows for low-cost ticket batches that can be reissued over and over for a given venue, or modified and tailored to each performance.