• Custom monetary policy
  • Sovereignty
  • Transferability
  • Combine utility and value

Problem: Legacy Assets

Traditional forms of money are rife with problems. Government-issued currencies are subject to inflation that undermines value and predictability. Government regulations limit financial choices, effectively controlling the money, even with the power to tax, freeze. and otherwise confiscate assets.

Real estate title deeds are paper documents that exist in regional offices according to different rules everywhere. Warranties on merchandise come with no easy mechanism for transfer. Gift cards expire or gradually lose value through fees if unused. The problems with mainstream value transfer are too vast to enumerate here.

Solution: Tokenized assets with independent value

With ATP, anyone can create tokens with custom properties. It may sound far fetched to say that  anyone can create their own tokenomics and design their own monetary policy, but it’s true. There are three monetary tokens already functioning on the ION blockchain that prove these possibilities. Each of these three tokens showcases the power of ATP through their distinctive utility and monetary policy.


Dark Matter(XDM)

Dark Matter (XDM) is an extremely scarce asset whose supply diminishes over time the more it is used. Anyone who wants to make a new token on the ION blockchain must spend Dark Matter to pay the token creation fee. And when that fee is paid to the network, the network distributes one portion of that fee to ION masternodes and another portion to another core asset on the ION blockchain: the ATOM token. 

XDM showcases the power to control monetary policy (Dark Matter is hyperdeflationary). It demonstrates the potential for deep integration through cross-asset reward distribution. XDM is the only asset that we know of with these properties. They are significant because the asset both has independent utility and adds value to a broader economic ecosystem.

The XDM token creation fee, itself, contributes to the value of the ecosystem. Without a barrier to entry, the ION blockchain would quickly become cluttered with useless token data perpetually stored on the blockchain and potentially causing network congestion. Dark Matter keeps the token system meaningful, functional, and valuable. XDM makes ION a more useful ecosystem.

Atoms (ATOM)

As mentioned in the discussion of Dark Matter, Atoms (ATOM tokens) accrue a portion of the fees from all XDM network transactions. Atoms also have utility on the ionomy Exchange platform where they function to regulate access to ionomy Pro benefits.


Electron (ELEC)

The only way to get Electrons (ELEC) is through mining, making them a fair distribution token that incentives participation in the Proof of Work (POW) protocol that provides blockchain security. ionomy Studios has designed a mobile game that uses ELEC token as an in-game asset. 

ionomy Exchange hosts XDM, ATOM, and ELEC markets to facilitate trading.