Build game directly on the blockchain

The ability to integrate crypto into games is exciting, but Jinx takes it one step further, making it easy for developers to integrate games into the blockchain. With open-source libraries of game-specific calls and APIs, developers can build entire games on the ION blockchain. Tokenized games can use the blockchain to generate entropy (randomness) for provable fairness and leverage the blockchain’s irreversible transactions so everyone has a stake in the game.


As modern games have grown increasingly graphics-heavy, they’ve hit the ceiling for how much fun they give. No increase in graphic refinement or multiplayer mass can give gamers what they’re actually craving: real experience, higher stakes, and real fun.

Even when game developers do raise the stakes, the use of centralized platforms with closed source code makes it almost impossible for gamers to know if the stakes are real, if the odds are true, or if they’re just being manipulated to give up more money to extractive companies.

Blockchain technology offers an answer, but it’s only part of the solution. In truth, learning to create and manage a custom blockchain requires a completely different skill set than most game developers have, and blockchains introduce new constraints unfamiliar to most game designers. Game developers need an effective bridge to new technology in order to create a more compelling and satisfying gaming experience.


Jinx is an open source framework that makes it easy for game developers to design real stakes games by integrating blockchain technology. These “chain games” are especially compelling because of their capacity to crossover from imaginative gameplay to live multiplayer action with real world stakes. What’s more, gamers can have absolute confidence that they are playing fair games, not having a game run on them. That’s because Jinx offers simple calls for provable entropy that makes gaming fair and transparent.

While blockchain introduces powerful new technologies for provable fairness, real life stakes, and multiplayer participation across the globe, it also introduces some quirks. Jinx provides APIs and calls that make it a cinch for developers to navigate quirks like variable block timing. The result is that game developers can create unlimited variations of games, themes, and strategies by tapping into Jinx libraries and their own creativity.

The ATP Advantage

With tokens, gamers and game developers can use existing blockchain assets in their games and they have the power to create custom blockchain tokens. When choosing existing assets, game developers can leverage existing markets to modify game stakes. Custom-built assets offer a low cost way to create tokens and then control the ecosystem that makes them worth something. Since custom tokens enjoy all the security benefits common to core cryptocurrencies, they’re also tradable on markets.