Gaming ID

  • Problem: In legacy gaming, anyone can “claim” to be the champion, but there’s no way to prove it. Now that digital gaming has become so social, you never know who to believe on forums and blogs.
  • Solution: The Game Identity Manager enables gamers to lay claim to their in-game results and competition history because they are published directly to the blockchain. Gamers can assert their identity on third-party sites such as forums, blogs, or leaderboards. It’s one thing to brag that you beat the game; another to provide irrefutable evidence of your conquests.

Contact Tracing

  • Problem: Governments and corporations promise their surveillance solutions will keep citizens and employees safe. But what about your data? The well-founded fear of government and corporate surveillance keeps people from opting in to contract trading programs, reducing the information quality, increasing global health risk and death rates, thus extending the draconian health measures that we’ve seen can destroy economies.
  • Solution: On-demand renewable tokens protect privacy, while giving accurate information about exposure. The potential of perfect accuracy combined with anonymity is a game changer for opt-in participation and pandemic containment.

Digital Notary

  • Problem: Most intellectual property these days is digital. And anything digital is reproducible. That means that claims to IP ownership are constantly under threat. Traditional paper credentials, too, are under threat because they are easily lost, destroyed, or forged.
  • Solution: Tokens provide indelible proof of intellectual property, asset ownership, and credentials, protected by the blockchain, and readily authenticated.