Problem: Extractive middlemen in legacy stock issuance

The legacy system forces owners and investors to rely on third parties (governments, banks, and brokers) for all transactions. Ownership, governance, trading, and dividends are mediated by third parties that drain resources, limit investor control, and break the direct relationship with stakeholders.

Solution: Direct governance and investor control

Tokenized stock distribution and ownership lets firms connect directly with investors through unmediated corporate governance. Investors gain unparalleled autonomy over secure assets. By cutting out the middlemen, tokenization replaces expensive intermediaries with low- to zero-cost infrastructure. Full custody tokens put financial choice in the hands of investors, converting stocks into bearer bonds.

The ATP Factor

  • The permissionless Atomic Token Protocol guarantees that token ownership cannot be revoked by third parties. 
  • ATP increases transparency by making issuance of new assets completely auditable on the blockchain in the event of stock splits or reverse splits through minting or melting of assets.
  • By issuing tokenized stock certificates on the ION blockchain, corporations instantly achieve all the power of blockchain security with none of the costs of creating and maintaining their own blockchain.
  • ION’s integration with ionomy Exchange means shareholders can trade on the markets and use web wallets. Active markets mean real value transfer.