Core cryptocurrency and custom tokens can both be used to make games more compelling. Game developers can leverage the Atomic Token Protocol on the ION blockchain to design engaging incentives that will attract and retain a global user base.

Loot Boxes:

    • A provably fair solution:
    • Tokenized Loot Boxes bring an element of surprise to gaming while solving a rampant problem. Traditional games jeopardize players’ trust because developers can manipulate contents and lie about odds. Since tokenized loot boxes are provably fair, gamers know they’re not being gamed.

Gaming Assets

    • A genuine ownership solution:
    • Legacy games sell in-game assets that are locked in one game. Tokenized assets can be traded, moved to other games, or swapped for access to new titles by the same developer.

In-Game Currency (IGC) with RMT

  • Tokenized in-game currency adds a new dimension to gaming. When gamers truly own their gaming money, they can buy in, trade up, or cash out at will. Tokenized IGC opens up Real Money Trading (RMT), giving gamers more reasons to play and adding a compelling new dimension to gameplay.