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World Class Network Security

The ION is one of the world's leading blockchains for being a Hybrid POS and POW secured blockchain.

Next-Gen Token System

The Atomic Token Protocol was built and designed by the ION core team and is fully optimized to run on the ION chain

The Chain Built for Games

Gamegrid combined with the Jinx framework enable every game be integrated or built using ION technology.

Lightning-Fast Transactions

Built on Dash and having a masternode network ION is built for speed and immutability. So you don't have to compromise any longer.

Tokenized Ticketing : Authentic, Affordable, Tradable

Problems with legacy ticketing

Until now, event access has been controlled by physical or electronic tickets issued by costly middlemen. Legacy solutions require proprietary infrastructure. They burden the consumer experience with excess cost, lock-in, and inconvenience.

Solution: Tokenized ticketing means authentic ownership

With ATP, businesses can easily and affordably create layered ticketing systems that can be reused. “Child tokens” mean that you don’t need to pay extra to create Seat 5A Mezzanine everytime, you just mint a new batch for each venue.

Decentralized Identity

Problems with legacy gaming

In legacy gaming, anyone can “claim” to be the champion, but there’s no way to prove it. Now that digital gaming has become so social, you never know who to believe on forums and blogs.

Solution: Game Identity Management

The Game Identity Manager enables gamers to lay claim to their in-game results and competition history because they are published directly to the blockchain. Gamers can assert their identity on third-party sites such as forums, blogs, or leaderboards. It’s one thing to brag that you beat the game; another to provide irrefutable evidence of your conquests.

Capital Formation & Corporate Governance

Problem: Extractive middlemen in legacy stock issuance

The legacy system forces owners and investors to rely on third parties (governments, banks, and brokers) for all transactions. Ownership, governance, trading, and dividends are mediated by third parties that drain resources, limit investor control, and break the direct relationship with stakeholders.

Solution: Direct governance and investor control

Tokenized stock distribution and ownership lets firms connect directly with investors through unmediated corporate governance. Investors gain unparalleled autonomy over secure assets. By cutting out the middlemen, tokenization replaces expensive intermediaries with low- to zero-cost infrastructure.

Modernized money: Digitized real-world value

Problems of legacy assets

Traditional forms of money are rife with problems. Government-issued currencies are subject to inflation that undermines value and predictability. Government regulations limit financial choices, effectively controlling the money, even with the power to tax, freeze. and otherwise confiscate assets.

Solution: Tokenized assets with independent value

With ATP, anyone can create tokens with custom properties. It may sound far fetched to say that anyone can create their own tokenomics and design their own monetary policy, but it’s true. There are three monetary tokens already functioning on the ION blockchain that prove these possibilities.

Crypto Backed Gaming

Problem: Games have not evolved

The legacy gaming systems and ways games have been made over the years have not changed beyond Graphical upgrades for the better part of the last 25 years.

Solution: incentives and stake raising through crypto

Tokenized assets allow for more transparency which can add trust in a hard to trust situation. But more importantly, tokens can make for real-world value to be brought into the digital world on a scale and reality not yet before achieved.

Jinx: Blockchain Gaming Framework


As modern games have grown increasingly graphics-heavy, they’ve hit the ceiling for how much fun they give. No increase in graphic refinement or multiplayer mass can give gamers what they’re actually craving: real experience, higher stakes, and real fun.


Jinx is an open-source framework that makes it easy for game developers to design real stakes games by integrating blockchain technology. These “chain games” are especially compelling because of their capacity to crossover from imaginative gameplay to live multiplayer action with real-world stakes. What’s more, gamers can have absolute confidence that they are playing fair games, not having a game run on them. That’s because Jinx offers simple calls for provable entropy that makes gaming fair and transparent.

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